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           Kids "R" People Too!
             8415 S. Wabash Ave
             Chicago II 60619

Our goal is to provide each child in our care with a nurturing, loving academically inspired environment. In every area from the decor, to the care assistants, our children have top consideration and priority. Not only are kids people, they are our future so Kids R People Too Day Care Facility focuses on creating bright, smart, well-spoken, polite, knowledgeable, arts-inspired young people.

We set to establish this goal by treating each child as an individual, focusing on their unique strengths, abilities, educational gifts, talents and overall motivation. Every single aspect of what sets Kids “R” People Too! apart from your everyday day care is within our environment. We are located inside of a home, and with that environment, we cater toward areas of familiarity and use the home environment as an educational tool.

Our focus, mindset and professionalism are that of a 5-star day care franchise because we specialize in adding an extra special educational twist to every aspect of our environment.

As a result, our facility is designed as a learning environment that just feels 'familiar'. The familiarity helps introverted children or shy children feel more comfortable and helps to stabilize the more free-spirited extroverts of the group. Kids "R" People Too! is a great combination of warmth, friendliness and education. Our service, attention to detail and attentiveness to each child's needs speak to the quality of our care.
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